Made In America: The Show Stealer

In light of rap’s overall weak showing at the Made in America festival, it is easy to see why so many articles are focusing onBeyonce’s long and excruciating “Mrs. Carter Show” and all the other-genre performances. What with A$AP Rocky missing half of his set and Kendrick Lamar’s always underwhelming set despite help from his Black Hippy group, there wasn’t  adequate representation for rap, despite Jay-Z being curator of the festival. In fact, Macklemore &Ryan Lewis had the most talked about rap set of the weekend, and I have serious reservations about calling them a “rap” act.

However, there was one notable exception to this: Mr. Hair-weave Killer himself, Chainz. No one in main stream media has said it, but I will: 2 Chainz tore down the Liberty Stage. First of all, he definitely deserved to be on the Rocky Stage (aka the main stage), certainly more than A$AP did. There was quite a sizable crowd waiting for him for about an hour before he was set to perform. When 5:45 rolled around, Kanye’s hyped up verse on Mercy built up to that oh so anticipated “2 CHAINZZZ” which opens up to one of 2 Chainz’s best known verses about being “drunk and high at the same time,” having foreign broads, and money that is “tall like Jordan.” He then proceeded to plow down every other rap act with a set full of hits, in including “Birthday Song,” “Trap,” and “No Lie,” as well as some new songs off Based off a TRU Story 2: Me Time. Heavy on hits and call &response, 2 Chainz’s set had everyone jumping and screaming through the entire 40 minutes, which in light of the exhausting conditions at the festival is quite a feat.

Other notable performers: WizKhalifa, who managed to impress me by coming up with enough material that wasn’t heavily commercialized to do a great set, and Miguel, who performed all my favorite songs. Bonus points for doing a split and still leaving everyone’s necks unharmed.

all hail the flower princess. 😌👸🌸🌷🌹🌻🌺🌼

I miss this weekend already 😭 #madeinamerica

made in America.

sangriaaaa (at Newark Portuguese Festival)

just found this in my phone. when the fuck was this? lmao (Taken with Instagram at Portuguese Feast)

LHDC and sangria (Taken with Instagram at Portuguese Feast)